Prevent Dirty Ductwork

There are some ways to prevent your ductwork from getting contaminated by water and dust in the first place. For instance, use a filter for your system that has the highest efficiency to stop dirt from getting into the furnace system. Consider scheduling regular inspection with a Virginia furnace cleaning professional.
If there is construction going on in the house, make sure that vents and air intakes are sealed. Some other things to do on a regular basis: filter changes, vacuuming and professional HVAC cleaning during which the technician must clean the drain pans and coils. Note that the drain pan under the cooling coils should slope towards the drains.
Make sure any water leaks are repaired and standing water removed to control moisture in the system. Keep the air-conditioning unit and humidifiers well-maintained. If you detect any duct insulation that is wet or has molds, have a reputable Virginia air duct cleaning professional remove the insulation so you can have it replaced.
Air duct cleaning is a service provided by a licensed professional that involves not only the cleaning of the duct work but also of all the components of a heating and cooling system.  This is why Virginia Air Duct Cleaning companies also offer related services such as Virginia Vent Cleaning, Virginia Dryer Vent Cleaning and Virginia furnace cleaning.

Nowadays, there is increased awareness and concern about indoor pollution. Many companies are selling products to sanitize indoor air. There are also services meant to enhance indoor air quality, including Virginia Air Duct Cleaning.

All these systems – heating, ventilation and cooling – work together to provide a comfortable indoor environment. However, if their parts are not clean or well-maintained, then occupants breathe in contaminated air.

After Air Duct Cleaning

Once the Virginia Air Duct cleaning contractor has told you they have completed the work, how can you make sure they did a good job? Usually, the best way to know this is to thoroughly inspect the system so you can verify that it is indeed clean. Of course, some parts of the system would be hard for you to access and visually inspect.

So, it would be great if you could work with a Virginia Air Duct Cleaning professional who can provide you with photos of the post-cleaning conditions inside the air ducts. The EPA website also has a checklist for consumers to use after a professional Virginia Air Duct Cleaning service to ensure all components of the heating and cooling system were cleaned.