Perks to having a professionally installed AC system. 

All is good to know how to install an air duct system and do it great. There’s still a risk of you failing at that job if you are not satisfied. So I’m going to list a few perks to having a certified HVAC professional to install and maintain your new AC system. The first perk will be no manual labor.  If you’re doing the job yourself then you might be able to do some things you might not want to. For example crawling under your home, lifting very heavy metals, and also preparing a duck site. When you hire a professional there will be no need for you to do anything other than to pay that person.

Also When it comes to paperwork homeowners also hire a professional so they won’t have to worry about any of that too. In some places the government requires permits for Home Improvement projects anyway. That also includes replacing or installing large appliances daddy is involved with HVAC. Usually contractors in HVAC professionals obtain the proper permit so they can do the job as smoothly as possible. while getting things done in a timely fashion.

When it comes to new installs, HVAC professionals always offer maintenance plans when it comes to installing systems. For exempt if a company installs your new unit that means they are already familiar with it and can also come back and check on the units whenever the homeowner requests it.Another reason why HVAC professionals have installation packages is because a maintenance plan can ensure your units safety and longevity.

When it comes to having an experienced HVAC professional it will also be an increased cost. Your contractor  can negotiate a lower rate for your unit depending on  if they have it. Sometimes it will be best to finance the installation work so you can have a steady way of paying it off.

How to install an air conditioner yourself

When it comes to ac systems they are in high demand because they are  very effective.  I know sometimes that AC repair costs can be expensive but here in this article I will guide you through the steps to show you how to fix your damaged AC. We’ll show you how to install a central air conditioning yourself while staying safe. 

When it comes to an air conditioner, it relies on ducting to carry the cool air all over your home.

What happens during that process is that the system who’s the air from the outside and cools it and then after that it pushes it through the house with the help of the duct work. 

There are two types of AC units. One is called the split system and the other is called the packaged. Now I’m going to describe the split system.

The split system is an outdoor unit and also an indoor cabinet. The package units are the one which can also function as a heater with the addition of electric heating coils and a gas furnace.

Also if you’re in your home and it’s lacking ductwork to support the system then you will have to look at some renovations to redo the AC in your household. Also if you’re replacing a very old unit with an updated Amorous efficient one then you will see a difference in your energy bills which is a plus might I add. When it comes to today’s units They take 50% less energy to operate in the house than those that were made 10 years ago. For most homeowners it would be a great investment when it comes to making a new unit. Also when choosing the system you need to think about the size because that will also impact your energy cost. Make sure to scout for the right size because it is very detrimental. 

Do sealants prevent the release of dust and dirt particles into the air?

Manufacturers of products marketed to coat and encapsulate duct surfaces claim that these sealants prevent dust and dirt particles inside air ducts from being released into the air. As with biocides, a sealant is often applied by spraying it into the operating duct system. Laboratory tests indicate that materials introduced in this manner tend not to completely coat the duct surface. Application of sealants may also affect the acoustical (noise) and fire retarding characteristics of fiber glass lined or constructed ducts and may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.

Questions about the safety, effectiveness and overall desirability of sealants remain. For example, little is known about the potential toxicity of these products under typical use conditions or in the event they catch fire.

In addition, sealants have yet to be evaluated for their resistance to deterioration over time which could add particles to the duct air.

Should chemical biocides be applied to the inside of air ducts?

Air duct cleaning service providers may tell you that they need to apply a chemical biocide to the inside of your ducts to kill bacteria (germs) and fungi (mold), and prevent future biological growth. Some duct cleaning service providers may propose to introduce ozone to kill biological contaminants. Ozone is a highly reactive gas that is regulated in the outside air as a lung irritant. However, there remains considerable controversy over the necessity and wisdom of introducing chemical biocides or ozone into the duct work.

Among the possible problems with biocide and ozone application in air ducts:

• Little research has been conducted to demonstrate the effectiveness of most biocides and ozone when used inside ducts. Simply spraying or otherwise introducing these materials into the operating duct system may cause much of the material to be transported through the system and released into other areas of your home.

• Some people may react negatively to the biocide or ozone, causing adverse health reactions.

Chemical biocides are regulated by EPA under Federal pesticide law. A product must be registered by EPA for a specific use before it can be legally used for that purpose. The specific use(s) must appear on the pesticide (e.g., biocide) label, along with other important information. It is a violation of federal law to use a pesticide product in any manner inconsistent with the label directions.

A small number of products are currently registered by EPA specifically for use on the inside of bare sheet metal air ducts. A number of products are also registered for use as sanitizers on hard surfaces, which could include the interior of bare sheet metal ducts. While many such products may be used legally inside of unlined ducts if all label directions are followed, some of the directions on the label may be inappropriate for use in ducts. For example, if the directions indicate “rinse with water”, the added moisture could stimulate mold growth.

All of the products discussed above are registered solely for the purpose of sanitizing the smooth surfaces of unlined (bare) sheet metal ducts. No products are currently registered as biocides for use on fiber glass duct board or fiber glass lined ducts, so it is important to determine if sections of your system contain these materials before permitting the application of any biocide.

How to prevent Duct Contamination

PREVENTION of duct contamination is KEY to avoiding problems. Follow these recommendations to avoid the need for costly duct cleaning:

New ductwork frequently contains oil and debris. Before new ductwork is connected to the air handling system, it should be inspected for cleanliness and cleaned if necessary.

Perform routine preventive maintenance on HVAC systems, by complying with manufacturer schedules

for changing HVAC filters, cleaning coils, and other components.

During building renovation, seal ductwork to prevent construction dust and debris from entering the HVAC system.

Maintain good housekeeping in occupied spaces.

Ensure that air intakes are located away from contaminant sources.

Consider routine inspections of ductwork. The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA)’s standard, “Assessment, Cleaning and Restoration of HVAC Systems-ACR 2013,” recommends that HVAC systems be visually inspected for cleanliness at regular intervals, depending on building use. For healthcare facilities, the standard recommends annual inspections of air handling units and supply/return ductwork.

How to prevent building occupants during duct cleaning

Hire a duct cleaning contractor who is a member in good standing of the NADCA. Duct cleaning companies must meet certain requirements to become NADCA members. All NADCA members must have certified Air System Cleaning Specialists (ASCS) on staff who have taken and passed the NADCA Certification Examination.

PROTECT building occupants during and after duct cleaning: • Place a filter over supply and return grills to capture dust

when HVAC system is placed back into service after cleaning.

• Perform duct cleaning during hours when the building is unoccupied, such as nights and weekends.

• Use containment barriers and proper ventilation equipment, such as “negative‐air” machines equipped with high‐efficiency filters.

• Avoid the use of biocides and sealants. Even EPA‐registered biocides may pose health risks, including eye, nose, and skin irritation.

• No biocides are currently EPA‐registered for use on fiberglass duct board or fiberglass‐lined ducts. Both the EPA and NADCA

   recommend replacing wet or moldy fiberglass duct material.

• Consult with occupants with medical conditions (e.g. immunosuppressed individuals).

How Much Does Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

When it comes to the scale of home improvements and repairs, the cost of air duct cleaning is relatively low.

An average sized air duct cleaning job cost around $285 and $485. A wider scale of $150 to a high-end estimate of $700 takes into account larger, more complicated jobs. You might expect to pay more than average if your home has two or more air conditioning systems (which will cost about $400 each), and a little less if you have a small home or condo.

What’s Included In The Cost Of Air Duct Cleaning?

A standard air duct cleaning service will likely include the cleaning of all major parts of your ductwork, including air ducts, registers, drip pan, coils and fan motor. It’s far more involved than simply vacuuming the registers in your home, and can keep your heating and cooling systems performing efficiently for as long as possible.

What’s Not Included In The Cost Of Air Duct Cleaning?

When your service professional inspects your air ducts, they may find some unexpected surprises. Below are some tasks that could be tacked on to the air duct cleaning cost if they’re discovered. As long as the work involved is minor, your service professional may be able to handle these additional tasks on a same-day basis

Mold and Mildew Remediation

Over time, mold and mildew can accumulate in the ducts of your home. This is especially the case in humid environments, or if your home has ever sustained water damage. Mold spores can travel through the air, causing a potentially dangerous situation. That’s why it’s important to have mold and mildew removed promptly. The cost of air duct cleaning to removing mold and mildew is between $700 and $2,000 due to the need for specialized equipment and chemicals to complete the job.

Indoor Air Pollution

Indoor Air Pollution in Virginia – Understand it to Fight it

Indoor air pollution in Virginia is a very dangerous situation that can cause a lot of damage to your family’s health, and you may not even notice. A number of pollutants could be floating around in your indoor air. These can have moderate to severe health hazards, and it’s extremely important to check indoor air pollution before it grows to hazardous levels.

Effects of Indoor Air Pollution in Virginia

Some indoor air pollutants, such as asbestos, are capable of causing certain kinds of cancer. In fact, a common indoor pollutant, carbon monoxide can cause sudden death if it reaches higher concentration levels, especially during sleep time. Other gases such as lead oxides and nitrous oxides can have permanent effects on the brain and body. Even the rather subtle kind of pollutants such as dust, mold, and pollen can lead to severe allergic reactions, asthma, and a number of respiratory disorders. In short, any amount of indoor air pollution in Torrance is a bad thing that you must do everything possible to get rid of at the earliest.

Controlling Indoor Air Pollution

Effective control of indoor air pollution in Virginia can be achieved in a number of ways, all of which can be classified into three broad categories.

Source control is one of the best ways of controlling indoor air pollution. First of all, you need to determine what kind of pollutants are floating around in your home. You could have an indoor air quality test conducted to answer that question. Based on the test results, you can find out what kinds of pollutants you are up against. You then need to trace the source of these pollutants and curb the problem right there. For instance, if your air is rife with mold, dander, and other similar particles, they could be coming from your attic or some other neglected part of your house. An attic cleaning could solve your problem. Similarly, if you find that the major pollutants are a few gases, they could be coming from your HVAC system. In that case, servicing your household appliances should fix the problem.

The next important step to keep indoor air pollution in Virginia away is to keep your home well ventilated at all times. So make sure you open the doors and windows every once in a while to allow fresh air in. Proper circulation of air on a regular basis can dramatically reduce the amount of pollutants. However, if the problem is more severe, you could always get yourself air cleaners that could help you get rid of indoor air pollution in Virginia, allowing you to breathe free in your house.

Insulation Replacement

Attic Cleaning and Insulation Replacement by AKG Air Duct Cleaning of Virginia

An attic that is full of dust and contaminants is nothing to be proud of. In fact, it is a danger to you and your entire household. AKG Air Duct Cleaning does attic cleaning and insulation replacement for any size home or building. With years of experience in attic cleaning and the right tools and team to guarantee that the cleaning job will be a success.

Why Clean Your Attic?

A filthy attic with worn insulation, years of dust mites and fecal droppings carries the danger of contaminating your living spaces or worse, causing health problems for your family. The effects that a contaminated attic can have on a household range from insignificant to harmful. In fact, the longer you wait, the more extensive the damage will be to your insulation and to your attic. Reclaim your attic space and make it available for storage or as a hobby shop. Call AKG Air Duct Cleaning and their team of attic cleaning and insulation replacement experts.

Why Replace the Insulation?

Replacing the insulation can be quite necessary when you notice problems that are normally attributed to worn insulation. One such problem is a drafty house. If you are feeling a draft and you have no windows or doors open, then this could mean there is an issue with the insulation. If you have noticed changes in how your home maintains temperatures then this is also an indicator that the insulation may need to be inspected and possibly replaced. A sign of aging is another reason for replacing insulation. When you notice the gradual aging and deterioration of the insulation in your attic over time, then it is a good idea to replace the insulation. You can check the insulation by touching it. If the insulation feels stiff and sort of crumbles when touched then it is best to call a reputable company to have it looked at.

AKG Air Duct Cleaning will promptly and quickly assess and diagnose the situation. They will then direct you, the homeowner, to the source of the issue and highlight the steps needed to correct it.

Insulation replacement is an easy process if the team is right. AKG Air Duct Cleaning of Virginia is skilled and experienced in this area, so for them it is a piece of cake. Call them if you need to have your attic and insulation inspected.


Have a Safe Asbestos Duct Removal in Virginia

Often called a silent killer, asbestos is one of the most harmful building materials ever used. The dust that is released from asbestos can cause some serious respiratory disorders, as well as cancer if inhaled. The risk is even more if you have small children or seniors at home. Since the use of asbestos was banned in America in 1978, most modern homes may not have any asbestos in them, which is a relief. However, if you are living in a house that was constructed before 1978, chances are very high that there may be asbestos lining your ducts. This is because in those days asbestos was considered to be one of the best insulations and sealants. In any case, if you discover that your ducts have asbestos in them, it is highly advisable that you hire a licensed contractor for asbestos duct removal in Virginia.

Always Go For Professional Asbestos Duct Removal in Virginia

There are many home improvement projects that can be categorized as “Do It Yourself.”  Asbestos duct removal in Virginia is not one of them. Always remember that no matter what, there is no way you should be going at it yourself when there is so much asbestos involved. Not only are you at a serious health risk subjecting yourself directly to all of the asbestos, but also a large part of this could be released inside your home and cause severe health problems for your other family members as well.

The professionals have a very stringent protocol they need to follow when performing asbestos duct removal in Virginia. This involves wearing specially designed overalls and appropriate masks. In addition, a number of steps need to be taken to ensure that the asbestos dust is neither suspended into your indoor air nor simply released outside where it could cause problems for your neighbors. To achieve this, your home is emptied and the flooring covered with plastic. Air filters and purifiers are installed to collect all of the dust before releasing the air outside. There are intermittent sprays of water inside the room where the duct removal is taking place so that the suspended dust particles can be forced to settle down. The resultant plastic sheet is then securely bagged up and disposed of very carefully, as per the state guidelines. Equally stringent guidelines are followed for the disposal of the removed asbestos. Only when all of these steps are strictly followed do you achieve a completely safe and lawful asbestos duct removal in Virginia.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Vents present within a dryer system are responsible for accumulation of lint. The smaller the vent size is, the greater would be its efficiency whereas larger vents with a lot of elbows and turns are likely to be less efficient.

Clogged dryer vents are another problem that occurs in appliances if the lint accumulates over a period of time. A clogged dryer vent reduces the efficiency of the equipment and results in an increase in energy consumption. Moreover, thermostat failure is more likely to occur when the dryer vent is clogged. Clogged dryer vents have also been ascertained as a cause of fire and therefore it is highly recommended that residents in Chesapeake undertake dryer vent cleaning at least on a yearly basis. Dryer vent cleaning usually involves cleaning the duct and interior of the appliance where dust is more likely to get trapped.

Getting Help of a Professional

Cleaning of the air duct system and the dryer vent is usually a complicated process that includes thorough inspection of the internal system. Moreover, air duct cleaning might require the use of certain chemicals if the problem is identified as being quite severe. In such circumstances it is recommended that a professional service is hired that can cater to the needs and demands of the customers. The professional service would not only ensure that any molds and clogs are removed effectively from the system but would also ensure that no harm is done to house furniture or carpets during the cleaning process.

Professional cleaning service is more likely to follow recommended practices that are stated by regulating bodies. Professional services are more likely to use equipment that has been specifically designed for air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning such as soft hair brushes and high efficiency vacuuming equipment. Furthermore, if air duct replacement is required it is highly recommended that a company is hired. This is because replacement is a complex process and cannot be handled by amateurs. Inability of the company to replace the air duct perfectly can result in the appliance not working properly.

Professional companies usually have a state license that ensures that they are authorized by the state to conduct the service. Moreover, they usually have a prompt after sales service which means that in case you have any problems you can simply call them up and get it resolved almost instantly.

Air Duct Replacement

On the other hand, if the air ducts are insulated and the mold cannot be effectively removed from the air duct then it is highly recommended that a company that comes recommended for air duct replacement in Chesapeake is chosen to undertake the task. This would result in the replacement of the infested duct with a new one so that further contamination problems are effectively removed. However, this must be done with utmost care and the appliance should not be harmed in any manner.

More Important information on air duct cleaning you might not know

 What is air duct cleaning?

Professional service companies who do air duct cleanings include all parts of the heating and cooling system as well as the air ducts. They sometimes apply chemicals, locally, to remove any mold or particles found, as well as sealants to preserve the components from rust. The problem is that if you do not clean the entire network you are doing the job for nothing. It is important to make certain that all areas will be cleaned in order to ensure that nothing is left behind to develop into a future problem.

How do I know if I need my Air Ducts cleaned?

The problem with air duct cleaning is that there has not been enough research done to either support or dismiss the service. As a homeowner if you or a family member has been suffering with allergies or having trouble breathing and they have not been diagnosed with any type asthma issues before, you may need to have the air ducts cleaned. As the ducts become clogged they incorporate the particles back into the air in your home. So if the air quality is not what it used to be you may have a clogged duct that has mold or mildew building up. Also if you have noticed that your heating and cooling system seems to be running non- stop just to keep up and your heating bills have gone up this could also be a sign to have the air ducts professionally cleaned. You will also want to check the obvious and see if your vents in each room are filled with dust and debris. This can be done by removing vent and looking inside if you can visible see a building up then chances are pretty good that it is not just contained to the vent area but rather has traveled well inside the duct.

When should I have my air ducts cleaned?

The best time of year to have the air ducts cleaned in Chesapeake is prior to a harsh season. This would mean either the spring or fall. By doing this you will get the best efficiency for the summer and winter months. During these months your heating and cooling system is strained and abused to keep your home comfortable.

What are the benefits of having Air Ducts professionally cleaned?

Again the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, does not have enough data and research to either support or dismiss whether having your air ducts benefits you or not. However if you feel that your home is making your family i’ll then it will not hurt

you have to have the air ducts cleaned. Clean air ducts will reduce the amount of particles in the air thus making the home feel fresher and dust free. If you have some risk factors such as smoking, woodstove, fireplace or pets or your home then having the air ducts professionally cleaned will remove a lot of the allergens, particles and debris making the air quality better for all.

How do I know what Air Duct Company is the best?

Unfortunately as you well know not all Air Duct companies in Chesapeake are the same. It is up to you to do diligent work in finding a company that meets the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). You can find this out through the Better Business Bureau and other sources in your community. You will also want to choose at least a few companies and then interview to see what they recommend. For example an Air Duct company Chesapeake location would never recommend the air ducts as a routine cleaning with your heating and cooling system. Find out if they intend to use chemicals and make certain that you fully understand the process beforehand. They should also provide a written estimate for services before any work is done. Next check references to see how other customers received their services.

Your Home’s Air Duct System

An air duct cleaning Chesapeake professional will describe your home’s air duct system as the passageways through which the air moves in your home, particularly when using a central heating or cooling unit. While the air will move through these channels that connect each of the rooms of your home at any point, when the heat pump is active the air which actually is forced through them, moving through the pump itself and through the ducts in order to adjust the climate of the home. This makes your environment more comfortable by creating a desirable temperature, but if you haven’t utilized an air duct cleaning Chesapeake service, it could also be circulating unhealthy air throughout your home.

Breathing Easy with Air Duct Cleaning Chesapeake 

There are many things that you do in your home that you don’t necessarily need to do in order to survive. There are others that you can’t compromise on—one of these being breathing. You have to breathe, regardless of the air around you, but unfortunately the air that is in your home may not be the cleanest and healthiest breathing option. Particularly if you or a member of your family suffers from a sensitive respiratory system, the services of an air duct cleaning Chesapeake professional can make the breaths that you have to take easier on your lungs.

When Allergies Attack

Air duct cleaning Chesapeake professionals want you to understand that even if your air looks and smells clean, there are most likely unseen contaminants in it that are putting your health and the health of your family at risk. Seasonal and environmental allergies are a serious problem that can make life miserable for those that suffer from them. Exposure to the allergen, such as pollen, grass, mold or pet dander, can cause headaches, coughing, sneezing, runny eyes, fatigue and sore throat. Families with allergies generally take a lot of precautions to help protect their sensitive respiratory systems from these allergies. They likely don’t own pets and will keep their windows shut during the seasons that pose the most serious allergen exposure. Unfortunately, this is not always enough to keep allergy symptoms at bay. An air duct cleaning Chesapeake professional will tell you that for a person with allergies, the air inside their home can represent a serious risk. This is because if your air ducts have not been cleaned properly they are likely host to a variety of contaminants that can irritate your lungs and sinuses when this foreign matter becomes part of the air that you and your family are breathing.

Each time that you come inside from being outside or welcome someone into your home, you are introducing environmental contaminants into the air. These contaminants cling to your clothing and your shoes and are then shaken loose. This then introduces the contaminants into your air duct system where they will continue to circulate through the air of your home. Air ducts that have not been properly cleaned and maintained can be home to several inches of:

· Dust and dust mites

· Dirt

· Pollen

· Leaves

How clean is the air in your home ?

Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Chesapeake

Everyone knows outdoor air is polluted. To what extent the air is polluted depends on where you are at the time. Some areas are less polluted than others. So a sentence saying the air breathed outside isn’t often healthy won’t likely be disputed and is no surprise.

This — however — may be a surprise. The Environmental Protection Agency did a study a few years ago on indoor air pollution. It found that sometimes indoor air is as much as 70-times more polluted than the air outdoors.

That radically changes our viewpoint of the safety of the air in our homes. The real impact of the study is found in another study. The National Safety Council found that we spend 90% of our time indoors and we spend 65% of our time in our own homes.

Your professional air duct cleaner in Chesapeake says your air ducts are part of the source of that pollution and asks you — considering these worrisome new facts — how comfortable you are in your home?

An Explanation of Indoor Air by Your Professional Air Duct Cleaner in Chesapeake 

First of all, is your home polluted to the tune of 70% more than outside air? It is possible but not likely. That leads to another question. Is your indoor air polluted? The answer is yes, that is very, very likely. In fact, it is more likely than unlikely.

To understand the pollution of your home, you need to understand how your home breathes. They do breathe much like you and I breathe. The heating and cooling system you have acts much like the human heart. It pumps air into the home via the air ducts like the heart puts blood into the bloodstream.

This metaphor gives you an idea of how your home gets polluted.

Air is circulated through the home when the air-conditioner or heating is turned on. Your system’s air ducts contain pollen, dirt and pet hair. Other items found are paints, pesticides and household cleaners. Then there’s the possibility of chemicals and toxins like polyurethane from mattresses, furniture and upholstery. You’ll find them with components like formaldehyde, dioxin, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and polybrominated biphenyl.

As the heating and air-conditioning puts air into the home, these items go with it. They settle on furniture, bedding, floors, draperies and in all parts of the house. We breathe them. Those with breathing difficulties and allergies suffer the most. The rest of us just get red eyes, runny noses and sore throats.

Your professional air duct cleaner in Chesapeake encourages you to clean your air duct system and all parts of the heating and cooling system that process air.

Your Professional Air Duct Cleaner in Chesapeake Asks an Important Question

Your professional air duct cleaner in Chesapeake asks when was the last time your supply and return air ducts were cleaned? Have they ever been cleaned?

Most of you — if answering truthfully —- will say never. Your professional air duct cleaner in Chesapeake and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) are indoor air experts. Our recommendation is to have your air ducts and all parts processing air in your heating and cooling system cleaned at least every three to five years.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) agrees. That group did a study of heating and cooling efficiency and found that dirty coils and blowers can reduce the efficiency by 40%.

Frequent cleaning and maintenance can save you money on heating and cooling bills.



Now I am writing an article about air duct cleaning and how you can do it yourself. You don’t need to be an expert air duct cleaner to do these fixes.

To clean an air duct all you need is some basic tools and a few basic skills that I’m going to give you right now in this article. The first one I’m going to cover is tools. 

In order to effectively clean all the components in your air duct you would need a few specific tools. First, up we have the vacuum make sure it has a hose and nozzle attachment to reach further inside your ducks. Second, we have a brush, a toilet brush or large paintbrush will work. Third, we have a screwdriver, you will need this to remove the vents covering your ducks. 

Fourth we have paper towels, you will use these to wipe down escaping dust and cover the other supply registers while you clean. Lastly, an air filter, after you are finished it’s a great idea 

to go ahead and replace your air filter with a new one. 


Now to perform the actual steps to cleaning your air duct. These steps are pouring so pay attention closely.

First step: remove vent covers in Washington. Remove your vent covers with your screwdriver you can place them in the dishwasher to clean them, or simply rinse them off by hand. Set them aside to dry.

Second step: cover vent openings with paper towels. Cover the opening to your supply registers with a few paper towels. This prevents dust from blowing out of them and landing on your walls and floor while you are cleaning ducts and other parts of the HVAC system.

For the third step you would remove the covers to do your cleaning, but it’s a good idea to replace them after you are finished. Then you would loosen the Dust. Use the handle of your brush to tap around the sides of the ductwork and knock the dust attached to the walls loose.

The fourth step will be to vacuum it up and to use the nozzle and brush attachments on your vacuum hose to suck away all the dirt within your reach. If they’re still dust stuck to the walls afterwards, use paper towels and wipe them down. Repeat for every opening to your duct work.

After that you would change your air filter. Now that you have successfully removed some of the dust from your ducks, keep your indoor air even cleaner by replacing your air filter with a new one.

Lastly, replace your vent covers and after you have washed all of your vent covers, make sure to replace them. If you repeat this process in the months between scheduled air duct cleaning services, you can improve the cleanliness of your home and your indoor air quality. But if you’re still having trouble doing it yourself please give us a call and we’ll be happy to give you the service you deserve.