Your Home’s Air Duct System

An air duct cleaning Chesapeake professional will describe your home’s air duct system as the passageways through which the air moves in your home, particularly when using a central heating or cooling unit. While the air will move through these channels that connect each of the rooms of your home at any point, when the heat pump is active the air which actually is forced through them, moving through the pump itself and through the ducts in order to adjust the climate of the home. This makes your environment more comfortable by creating a desirable temperature, but if you haven’t utilized an air duct cleaning Chesapeake service, it could also be circulating unhealthy air throughout your home.

Breathing Easy with Air Duct Cleaning Chesapeake 

There are many things that you do in your home that you don’t necessarily need to do in order to survive. There are others that you can’t compromise on—one of these being breathing. You have to breathe, regardless of the air around you, but unfortunately the air that is in your home may not be the cleanest and healthiest breathing option. Particularly if you or a member of your family suffers from a sensitive respiratory system, the services of an air duct cleaning Chesapeake professional can make the breaths that you have to take easier on your lungs.

When Allergies Attack

Air duct cleaning Chesapeake professionals want you to understand that even if your air looks and smells clean, there are most likely unseen contaminants in it that are putting your health and the health of your family at risk. Seasonal and environmental allergies are a serious problem that can make life miserable for those that suffer from them. Exposure to the allergen, such as pollen, grass, mold or pet dander, can cause headaches, coughing, sneezing, runny eyes, fatigue and sore throat. Families with allergies generally take a lot of precautions to help protect their sensitive respiratory systems from these allergies. They likely don’t own pets and will keep their windows shut during the seasons that pose the most serious allergen exposure. Unfortunately, this is not always enough to keep allergy symptoms at bay. An air duct cleaning Chesapeake professional will tell you that for a person with allergies, the air inside their home can represent a serious risk. This is because if your air ducts have not been cleaned properly they are likely host to a variety of contaminants that can irritate your lungs and sinuses when this foreign matter becomes part of the air that you and your family are breathing.

Each time that you come inside from being outside or welcome someone into your home, you are introducing environmental contaminants into the air. These contaminants cling to your clothing and your shoes and are then shaken loose. This then introduces the contaminants into your air duct system where they will continue to circulate through the air of your home. Air ducts that have not been properly cleaned and maintained can be home to several inches of:

· Dust and dust mites

· Dirt

· Pollen

· Leaves

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