More Important information on air duct cleaning you might not know

 What is air duct cleaning?

Professional service companies who do air duct cleanings include all parts of the heating and cooling system as well as the air ducts. They sometimes apply chemicals, locally, to remove any mold or particles found, as well as sealants to preserve the components from rust. The problem is that if you do not clean the entire network you are doing the job for nothing. It is important to make certain that all areas will be cleaned in order to ensure that nothing is left behind to develop into a future problem.

How do I know if I need my Air Ducts cleaned?

The problem with air duct cleaning is that there has not been enough research done to either support or dismiss the service. As a homeowner if you or a family member has been suffering with allergies or having trouble breathing and they have not been diagnosed with any type asthma issues before, you may need to have the air ducts cleaned. As the ducts become clogged they incorporate the particles back into the air in your home. So if the air quality is not what it used to be you may have a clogged duct that has mold or mildew building up. Also if you have noticed that your heating and cooling system seems to be running non- stop just to keep up and your heating bills have gone up this could also be a sign to have the air ducts professionally cleaned. You will also want to check the obvious and see if your vents in each room are filled with dust and debris. This can be done by removing vent and looking inside if you can visible see a building up then chances are pretty good that it is not just contained to the vent area but rather has traveled well inside the duct.

When should I have my air ducts cleaned?

The best time of year to have the air ducts cleaned in Chesapeake is prior to a harsh season. This would mean either the spring or fall. By doing this you will get the best efficiency for the summer and winter months. During these months your heating and cooling system is strained and abused to keep your home comfortable.

What are the benefits of having Air Ducts professionally cleaned?

Again the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, does not have enough data and research to either support or dismiss whether having your air ducts benefits you or not. However if you feel that your home is making your family i’ll then it will not hurt

you have to have the air ducts cleaned. Clean air ducts will reduce the amount of particles in the air thus making the home feel fresher and dust free. If you have some risk factors such as smoking, woodstove, fireplace or pets or your home then having the air ducts professionally cleaned will remove a lot of the allergens, particles and debris making the air quality better for all.

How do I know what Air Duct Company is the best?

Unfortunately as you well know not all Air Duct companies in Chesapeake are the same. It is up to you to do diligent work in finding a company that meets the standards of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA). You can find this out through the Better Business Bureau and other sources in your community. You will also want to choose at least a few companies and then interview to see what they recommend. For example an Air Duct company Chesapeake location would never recommend the air ducts as a routine cleaning with your heating and cooling system. Find out if they intend to use chemicals and make certain that you fully understand the process beforehand. They should also provide a written estimate for services before any work is done. Next check references to see how other customers received their services.

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