How clean is the air in your home ?

Professional Air Duct Cleaning in Chesapeake

Everyone knows outdoor air is polluted. To what extent the air is polluted depends on where you are at the time. Some areas are less polluted than others. So a sentence saying the air breathed outside isn’t often healthy won’t likely be disputed and is no surprise.

This — however — may be a surprise. The Environmental Protection Agency did a study a few years ago on indoor air pollution. It found that sometimes indoor air is as much as 70-times more polluted than the air outdoors.

That radically changes our viewpoint of the safety of the air in our homes. The real impact of the study is found in another study. The National Safety Council found that we spend 90% of our time indoors and we spend 65% of our time in our own homes.

Your professional air duct cleaner in Chesapeake says your air ducts are part of the source of that pollution and asks you — considering these worrisome new facts — how comfortable you are in your home?

An Explanation of Indoor Air by Your Professional Air Duct Cleaner in Chesapeake 

First of all, is your home polluted to the tune of 70% more than outside air? It is possible but not likely. That leads to another question. Is your indoor air polluted? The answer is yes, that is very, very likely. In fact, it is more likely than unlikely.

To understand the pollution of your home, you need to understand how your home breathes. They do breathe much like you and I breathe. The heating and cooling system you have acts much like the human heart. It pumps air into the home via the air ducts like the heart puts blood into the bloodstream.

This metaphor gives you an idea of how your home gets polluted.

Air is circulated through the home when the air-conditioner or heating is turned on. Your system’s air ducts contain pollen, dirt and pet hair. Other items found are paints, pesticides and household cleaners. Then there’s the possibility of chemicals and toxins like polyurethane from mattresses, furniture and upholstery. You’ll find them with components like formaldehyde, dioxin, polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) and polybrominated biphenyl.

As the heating and air-conditioning puts air into the home, these items go with it. They settle on furniture, bedding, floors, draperies and in all parts of the house. We breathe them. Those with breathing difficulties and allergies suffer the most. The rest of us just get red eyes, runny noses and sore throats.

Your professional air duct cleaner in Chesapeake encourages you to clean your air duct system and all parts of the heating and cooling system that process air.

Your Professional Air Duct Cleaner in Chesapeake Asks an Important Question

Your professional air duct cleaner in Chesapeake asks when was the last time your supply and return air ducts were cleaned? Have they ever been cleaned?

Most of you — if answering truthfully —- will say never. Your professional air duct cleaner in Chesapeake and the National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) are indoor air experts. Our recommendation is to have your air ducts and all parts processing air in your heating and cooling system cleaned at least every three to five years.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) agrees. That group did a study of heating and cooling efficiency and found that dirty coils and blowers can reduce the efficiency by 40%.

Frequent cleaning and maintenance can save you money on heating and cooling bills.

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